Can I get firearms shipped to you for background check?

No, check with us before shipping anything to us. Due to our type of licensing, we cannot perform the necessary background check. If a firearm is shipped to us for a background check, it will be returned to sender or shipped to Sweeney’s Sports for a fee.

Can or will you do Private Party Transfers (PPT)?

Due to our type of licensing, we are unable to facilitate Private Party Transfers.

Are you a full gun shop?

We are not a full gun shop just gunsmithing, however we do recommend Sweeney’s Sports in Napa for a local full gun shop.

Do you go to events?

We go to as many events as we can if time allows. We are located in Napa county so most events will be local to the bay area.

How much do you charge?

Costs will vary based on the work needed and the type of firearm, please reach out for specifics.

How can I get my firearm to you for work?

Currently, you can take your firearm to a gun shop willing to ship it here and receive it when the work is complete or get in contact with us and drop it off.

What kind of gunsmithing do you do?

We can do a wide range of repairs and modifications, so its best to reach out for specifics. If it’s something we aren’t able to do, we can recommend the best people for the job.

Do you ship firearms?

Yes, there is a handling fee and shipping costs.

Need some work done?

whether its a small or large project feel free to send us some details.